Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction known as FUE is the most recent development in the world of  hair transplantation. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. It does not require hospital stay and leaves no linear scarring. FUE procedure has three major steps: First, the surgeon starts to extract healthy follicular units individually from the wider donor area, located in the back of your scalp. Then, incisions are made in a random manner to give the most natural look possible. Finally, the healthy hair follicles are transplanted into the areas experiencing thinning or baldness. This hair replacement technique provides a permanent solution for your hair loss. It leaves you with a natural looking hair that lasts forever and a maximum density.
Person who will undergo hair transplantation should be prepared a week ago. Blood thinners and vitamins should not be used while on the preparation. Smoking is prohibited for at least 48 hours before and after the operation. Hair dye should not be used and alcohol consumption is also prohibited. It should be noted that hair gel, sprays must not be used before the operation and hair must be clean. Depending on the stage of the hair loss, a patient may require more than one session to cover the bald area if it’s too large.

Why Hair Transplant?


Ever wondered why undergo a hair transplantation surgery?!

Many reasons lay behind the decision to undertake a hair transplantation.
Hair as an essential feature of every person’s appearance has various benefits that adds up to their characters:

  • Hair is a unique attribute which differentiates us from others.
  • It plays a big role in the appearance of both men and women by providing an appealing and youthful look.
  • Hair can have a positive impact in raising people’s self esteem, pride and confidence.
  • Hair also protects from external factors such as cold, heat and ultraviolet rays. Nowadays, both men and women pay attention and take special care of their hair to improve their appearance.

Hair transplantation at Avrupa Saç Ekimi assists in returning back your lost hair. The new transplanted hair is permanent and lasts forever. It feels just like your natural hair that you can style, cut, dye and allow it to grow to the length you desire.

The new transplanted hair feels so natural that no one can expect or realise that you’ve undergone a hair transplantation. With hair transplantation no more psychological complications. You can guarantee a better social life and a more productive business life free of stress and embarrassments. Now you are more confident, dynamic, energetic and feeling positive about yourself and your appearance.

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