3 Things You Must Know About MicroFUE Hair Transplantation Techniques

There are the number of techniques which are available for hair transplantation. And, among all that techniques, MicroFUE technique is the latest hair transplantation technique which is relatively a new technique and gaining great acceptance by many patients and physicians.

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MicroFUE technique offers the great advantages to patients to have the rapid recovery time, less postoperative pain, and ability to wear hair closely cropped. This techniques also offer great advantages to physicians for planning number of grafts.

In hair loss process starting from the front, people lose the follicular units having double or single root. As hair loss start moving back, people slowly start losing their root. And, for this reason, the transplanted tissue fragments having hair roots should not contain three, four or hair roots, but they need to have one or two roots to a very lesser extent.

MicroFUE hair transplantation techniques are amazingly useful for hair transplant, so let’s know more about this hair transplant process:

  1. Micrografts

In this hair transplantation technique, hair follicles are removed from the follicular units of donor area which is also called as Micrografts. These micrografts have one, two, or three hair roots as according to the given follicle structure.

Follicular units are taken from the donor area scalp locations having on average 2.5 hairs per graft. This signifies that if 3000 grafts are transplanted in one session, around 7500 hair follicles will be transplanted.

  1. Micrografts removal

The micrografts are removed with the help of a micromotor and micro punch tip. Surgery is performed with the help of microscope so that follicular unit could be transplanted safely and to ensure that follicles unit are intact.

The microtips with radius 0.4 mm can have 2 or 3 hair follicles which are removed first. After this, a graft containing one hair follicle is removed with the use of microtip having the diameter less than 0.6mm. With this process, the skull is minimally affected as the skin surface surrounding the follicle is very small.

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  1. Micrografts Placement

Follicular unit transplant or classical FUE technique comprises of grafts having more skin and tissue. Therefore, the holes in the recipient area must need to be larger so that it could support grafts.

The MicroFUE technique allows having the faster integration within a very short healing time. Microforceps and other microsurgical tools used in this techniques are used to implant them in the recipient area.

The micrografts are placed in the holes as according to the direction of the hair growth. So, the MicroFUE technique allows the patient to have the natural and undetectable result with minimal pain and speedier recovery.

Hair Transplant in turkey

These are important things about the MicroFUE hair transplantation techniques. If you are thinking about hair transplantation, you must prefer this MicroFUE process to transplant hair.

In Turkey this process of hair transplantation is widely popular, so one can easily find MicroFUE hair transplant in Turkey.

avrupa3 Things You Must Know About MicroFUE Hair Transplantation Techniques