Female Hair Loss Pattern

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It’s been said that a bad hair equals a bad day for women. Some of the studies conducted highlights on the effect of hair loss, baldness, thinning or even dryness on the psychology of women. There is a deep relationship between hair and self-esteem where hair is perceived as a reflection of our identity and a symbol of femininity, beauty and freedom.

We can state that hair is an important element of women’s beauty and any possible changes that might occur affects a women’s life and personality. As a result, many companies were interested in manufacturing some hair creams and stabilizers which contain harmful chemicals for the hair and it has been noted recently that many women suffer from hair loss and we can also see that a lot of them started taking hair loss treatments prescribed by a dermatologist.


Causes of hair loss


If some of your family members started losing hair at an early age then you are also likely to suffer hair loss. Female-pattern hair loss which is also known as Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia is a female version of the male-pattern baldness, where the woman starts to experience dispersed hair thinning in the scalp such as crown, temples and hairline.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes and imbalances can cause hair loss. The hormones level which is associated and affected by changes in the function of the thyroid gland contributes to hair loss. Sometimes the thyroid can be overactive or underactive which directly leads to hair thinning, but once controlled using the right medication hair loss noticeably decreases.

Pregnancy and birth control pills

Giving birth is another possible cause of hair loss. It usually occurs six to eight weeks after the baby is delivered and it is due to some hormonal changes. If you experience post pregnancy hair loss it is totally normal and there is no need to worry as your hair will grow back in few months. Another cause of hair loss is birth control pills which makes the hair move from the growing phase to the resting phase too early and this process is called Telogen Effluvium. Keep in mind that if hair loss runs in your family, birth control pills speeds up the process.


It is a normal biological process that women who reach a certain age experience. Consequently, the body goes through hormonal changes and a decrease in the production of Estrogen and Progesterone hormones which contributes to faster hair growth.  


How is women hair transplantation performed?

This procedure aims to transfer the hair follicles by extracting it from the back of the scalp (Donor Area) to the recipient area suffering baldness.  It is performed using the MicroFUE technique which is a relatively simple surgery, where the grafts are extracted from the donor area at the back of the head and transplanted in the area of ​​baldness. The surgery leaves no scars whatsoever in the donor area. It is important to say that hair transplantation of the hairline is very significant for the overall appearance of the face. The transplanted hairline and hair in the recipient areas will provide women with a natural and aesthetic appearance. And since it is a surgical operation, it is performed once and doesn’t need to be performed once again unless the patient requires a second session to cover more space or to increase the density.

How does baldness in women start?

Mostly the common symptoms of baldness appear at the beginning of menopause. Baldness begins in the form of a lack of density in all the hair or it may also appear in the form of blanks and thinning in the center of the scalp, which increases rapidly and affects the area of ​​the crown.

Hair Loss Treatments

The treatment of hair loss for women in the case of baldness often involves the use of Minoxidil, Laser treatments and hair transplantation for women.

  • Minoxidil reduces the rate of hair loss and even stops it in some cases; however, we must note that if you stop using this treatment your hair will return to fall again.
  • Laser Hair Treatment is also a good treatment to stimulate hair growth and maintain hair; yet Laser therapy also needs continuity.
  • Hair transplantation for women remains the perfect and lasting solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness in women.


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