FUE Hair Transplant- Step by Step

Since the first successful hair transplant procedure performed in the USA on 1959, medical advancements have continued to emerge resulting into more advanced techniques that made the dream of restoring natural hair a reality. Today, FUE “Follicular Unit Extraction” is recognized as the state of art technique in hair restoration as it ensures the most natural results.

What is FUE hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant is a procedure that indicates a “one-by-one” hair follicle extraction from baldness-resistant areas in the scalp (donor areas) and transplanting them into bald areas (receiving areas).

1- FUE phases-

In order to gain the best results, the following phases must be performed accurately by an experienced medical team, within the coming few lines, our hair transplant specialist and expert Mehmet Güçlü will be taking us through the phases of an excellent FUE procedure.

تقنية الإقتطاف ميكرو-فوي Hair Restoration In Turkey

2- Planning phase-

which includes a deep and focused study of the receiving area in terms of number and type of follicles required to cover the baldness with the desired density of hair. As follicles come into 3 types- single, double and triple, the front area is usually covered with single hair follicles in order to obtain the most natural look.

3- Anesthesia phase-

One of the success factors of FUE is the “no pain” factor under the usage of local anesthesia that lasts between 12-14 hours. To meet this standard, we also use a special spray before applying the local anesthesia and a special device that disperses the feeling of pain. This way the feeling of pain is minimized to a very big extent and is too little to mention, then it fades away after few minutes.


4- Follicles extraction-

Using a device known as MICRO-MOTOR, hair follicles are extracted from donor area one by one. The micro device comes with many punches that have various diameters of 0.8 for double and triple follicles and 0.6 for single ones. This process is carried in an efficient manner that leaves no scars behind.تكلفة زراعة الشعر

5- Follicles Sorting

During follicles extraction, a member of the medical team will be there to take care of the extracted follicles by putting them into a special liquid after sorting them according to their types- single, double or triple.
Preparation of the receiving area
The pre-transplant preparation of receiving area is known to be the most crucial phase of the procedure and the one that reflects the skill and experience of the surgeon. During this phase, the surgeon makes small tiny incisions in the scalp, which serve as rooms for hair follicles. We at Avrupa Saç Ekimi have our own tools, designed only for this purpose. While making incisions, we take three key points into consideration.

 1-The angle of original hair

In which incisions should comply with the growth angle of original hair. Usually, hair grows at the front area of the scalp with a forward angle of 45-65 degrees. In the backside of the scalp however, hair grows at a backward angle of 45-65 while it grows straight in the middle of the scalp.

 2- The space between each incision and another.

The incisions made should not affect the blood supply in that area. Otherwise, hair follicles may die and skin problems may arise.

 3- The existence of original hair

An experienced skillful surgeon will not make an incision in the track full of original hair, so attention is required to avoid causing any problem to the original hair.

زراعة الشعر للرجال Hair Transplant in turkey

6 -Transplanting hair into the receiving area

In order to do that accurately, our team uses very special micro tools that help us achieve the smoothest and accurate transplantation process. For that to be achieved, hair follicles are to be transplanted in the correct manner “roots downward” and “tops little higher than skin level”.

In addition, we at Avrupa Saç Ekimi apply an ideal technique that aims at supplying blood to the transplanted area, which is a technique that we have been improving through a cumulative experience of more than 12 years.

Q & A

How long does the procedure take?

The average number of hours for one successful FUE hair transplant session is 5-8 hours including the rest breaks.

How long does it take for the transplanted hair to grow up?

The average period of time for transplanted hair to grow up normally is 3-4 months. Based on your wish, It is also possible to increase density of your hair by transplanting more follicles as long as your donor area is thick enough.




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