Eyebrow Transplant – Your way to get the Perfect Eyebrows

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Eyebrow Transplant – Get the real YOU back

Besides their function as a protector to our eyes from dust and sweating. Our eyebrows play the most prominent role of making the face stand out as well as accentuating communication with others.

According to a study conducted at University of Lethbridge in Canada, eyebrows are more important than eyes at shaping the human face. Consequently, as people start to experience the problem of thinning eyebrows, they start to panic. Especially when they look at the mirror and notice how different they look.

Fortunately, today the solution to thinning or completely lost eyebrows has become easier than ever before. With the real-life solution of eyebrow transplant you will regain your appearance with fully restored eyebrows.

How could someone lose his/her eyebrows?

Besides the congenital reasons, eyebrows could be lost due to many causes like:

• Due to side effects of some types of medications.
• Fatigue and stress.
• Over plucking to reshape the eyebrows.
• Obsessive self-inflicted plucking, known as “trichotillomania”.
• Physical injuries such as car-accidents and burns.
• Medical or surgical treatments that lead to the loss of eyebrows—e.g. radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

What is Eyebrow Transplant Surgery?

It is a procedure that indicates moving hair from the scalp to the thin or bald areas of the eyebrows. It is performed in the same manner as head hair transplant or beard transplant.

Eyebrow transplant is classified as one of the facial hair transplant treatments. And since it’s done on the face, it should be conducted with ultimate care and precision to achieve a natural look. A competent hair transplant specialist will pay attention to the angles, directions and the spaces between each hair strand.

they should have knowledge about eyebrows anatomy and skills in designing the best outline according to each patient’s face shape. This will ensure well-shaped, full and smooth eyebrows.

Normally, each eyebrow requires between 250 and 600 hair grafts to be implanted according to each patient’s needs. The number varies depending on the size of the eyebrow, thickness and the area that needs to be transplanted.

5 Main Stages of Eyebrow Transplant


1- Preparation and Consultation Stage

2- Local anesthesia.

3- Grafts extraction.

4- Creating incisions.

5- Implanting the grafts.

1.   Pre- Eyebrow Transplant Consultation

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, eyebrow restoration procedure goes through certain stages so that the expected results are met.

One of the critical stages that comes prior to the procedure itself is the preparation stage. At this stage, you and your doctor have a deep conversation regarding your expectations and the desired results. For these to be met, your surgeon will have to decide on which procedure is better for your case.

Before that your doctor will need to exactly evaluate the cause behind losing your eyebrows. In order to figure out if it could be a barrier to meeting the results of the procedure. For instance, in case of local or systematic disease, first it must be controlled to ensure the operation’s success.

2.   Local Anesthesia

After preparing the patient, he/she is escorted to the operating room. The first step is to apply the local anesthesia on the donor area. After that the anesthesiologist makes sure the donor area is totally numbed.

3.   Graft Extraction

During this stage, the hair grafts are removed by the assistance of a motorized device, aka, Micro Motor. This device is installed with punches of certain sizes to accurately isolate the hair grafts individually from the scalp.


After extracting the grafts, they are kept in a special solution to protect them until the implantation stage.

4.   Creating Incisions (Canals)

Canals are holes or punctures in which the hair grafts are implanted. These canals should be opened according to the size and thickness of the grafts. Being able to determine the right angles which match the natural hair growth direction, is what ensures a natural looking eyebrow.


Prior to opening the canals the areas that will be transplanted in the eyebrows will be anesthetized.

5.   Implanting the Hair Grafts

This stage is considered the last step in eyebrow transplant. The extracted hair grafts are now being placed in the canals meticulously. And within a few months you will have an incredible change.

Performing Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure

Eyebrow transplant is applied with two main techniques. The first one known as FUT includes removing a strip of the scalp hair (donor area) with its subcutaneous tissues. The grafts are removed from the strip and implanted into the affected areas of the eyebrows (receiving areas).

The second technique however is known as FUE, which is considered as the state of art of hair restoration. It is the best technique which proved better results than the outdated FUT. With the FUE technique, the surgeon will remove hair follicles one by one from the donor area. Then places the grafts with the same manner in the recipient sites.

In either ways, the surgeon will always extract hair with the best texture and orientation to serve as eyebrow hair. Finally, this exact procedure will be applied in one sessions based on the person’s expectations and the required density.


Where are the hair grafts taken from in eyebrow transplant?

Just like all other hair transplant procedures, the grafts are removed from the donor area at the back of the head.

Does the transplanted hair in eyebrows grow long and needs to be trimmed?

According to how quick your hair grows, you would need to occasionally trim your eyebrows after the transplant.

Can I pluck my brows after eyebrow transplant?

One of the reasons that leads to patchy eyebrows or eyebrow loss is over plucking. Therefore, we recommend not to pluck very often to avoid losing your eyebrows again.

Is it possible to style and shape the brows normally after eyebrow transplant?

After the hair starts to grow, you can shape your eyebrows as you wish. This can be done by trimming, combing or plucking only the stray hairs. However, try to avoid plucking the entire hair as much as possible.

How many hair grafts are needed for eyebrow transplant?

Depending on the size and how sparse your eyebrows are, 150 to 600 hair grafts could be transplanted for each eyebrow.


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