Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair Transplant in Istanbul – Could It Be the Answer to Your Hair Loss?

There is no denying that much of how we look is dependent on the hairstyle we keep. Your hairstyle is an integral part of your personality and if you lose your hair, that’s a justified reason for stress.

Hair fall has emerged as one of the most common ailments faced today by both men and women.

Hair Transplant In Istanbul1.1     Factors Leading to Hair Loss

There are a lot of contributing factors that lead to early hair fall.

The primary factor behind hair loss is genetics. It is then aggravated by environmental factors such as low nutrient diet, stress, lack of sleep and hormonal dysfunctions.

1.2     Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions

When it comes to the solutions for hair fall, there is a whole industry set up for that. Right from hair oils to conditioners to advanced treatments such as, Minoxidil or Rogaine. Different treatments are available for different cases at different price points.

One of the most sought after solutions is hair transplant in Istanbul. Owing to the fact that it is the most effective of all solutions and long-lasting.

With advancements in technology, the results are getting better and the procedure is becoming affordable.

People who have been suffering from hair loss are now seeking hair transplant procedures and living happy and stress-free lives.

1.3     Hair Transplant in Istanbul

When it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, you have no dearth of options because the best clinics are in Turkey. Among the leading hair transplant clinics, Avrupa Sac Ekimi is one of the most reputable ones.

However, we are proud to inform you that we stand far ahead of most of our competitors. Whether you compare our services regarding quality or price. You will perceive that most of our competitors do not stand anywhere near us in the market.

So, if you want to get a hair transplant, we recommend you to have a look at these points. They will help you get the best out of your hair transplant in Istanbul:

1.4     Techniques of Hair Transplant in Istanbul

One of the first things to know is the type of procedure you want. There are two kinds of procedures:

Ø  FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant or the Strip Method)

This surgery is done by taking a strip of donor hair from the back and sides of your head. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted into the balding areas.

This technique is becoming outdated and not preferred by neither doctors nor patients. Because it leaves a linear scar, the number of grafts is limited and the recovery period is long.

Ø  FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The FUE hair transplant technique is considered to be the latest advancements in this field.

The process is done by taking individual hairs from the donor area and transplanting them into the balding areas (recipient sites).

  • Benefits of FUE hair transplant
  • No Scarring:

The major benefit of this process is that no large strips are taken. Hence, there is no possibility of a scar tissue forming which isn’t the case with FUT.

·      Quick Recovery:

Its recovery time is also shorter compared to the FUT. After one week post hair transplant, the side effects start to go away.

  • More Grafts:

Up to 4500 hair grafts can be transplanted in a single session. This number gives good coverage and a higher density of the hair.

1.5     Cost of Hair Transplant in Istanbul

The second thing you have to consider is the cost of hair transplant in Istanbul.

How much your surgery costs will be based on the extent of your problem. In other words, the area of baldness and the kind of procedure you choose determines the total cost.

In the case of FUE, individual micro incisions are made for each follicle which is then transplanted onto the balding area. The more transplanted hair follicles, the longer the surgery and the more its cost.

Bear in mind that most hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages. These packages cover the accommodation, transportations, blood test, and post-op medications and interpretation services.

The average cost of hair transplant in Turkey falls between 1950 and 3500 USD.

In all cases, your first line of action against falling hair is an appointment with a dermatologist.

1.6         The Benefits of Hair Transplant in Istanbul

If you choose to do your hair transplant in Istanbul, rest assured that:

  • Your physical appearance will improve.
  • People will find this difficult to ignore you.
  • Nobody will be able to make fun of you by calling you ‘Bald.’
  • Your connectivity with people of the opposite sex will better.
  • You will notice growth in professional life as well.

1.7     Looking for Hair Transplant Experts in Turkey? Here is the Solution!


Hair fall is quite common these days equally affecting both men and women.

So if you’re facing the same problem, hair transplant in Istanbul is highly recommended as it is showing phenomenal results worldwide!

Avrupa Sac Ekimi clinic is a renowned name when it comes to rendering the top-notch hair transplant in Turkey

We have been serving for many years and became one of the most reliable choices of people.

You can reach to us as we strictly adhere to the latest hair transplant techniques which provide excellent outcomes.

With an in-depth knowledge of the hair transplant procedure, we have handled multiple cases with flying colors.

1.8     Our Team of Hair Transplant in Istanbul


The hair transplant process is entirely painless. Our team of qualified surgeons knows the art of delivering the best services of hair transplant in Istanbul.

1.9     What can you expect from us?


  • We possess years of experience in the domain of hair transplantation.
  • We have already helped thousands of people in getting rid of hair loss and baldness.
  • We use advanced hair transplantations tools and techniques.
  • We keep ourselves updated with the advancements taking place in the industry and don’t make any delay to adopt it.
  • Our pricing is very much competitive.
  • We guarantee impressive results for the hair transplant treatments that we offer to our clients.
  • Patients who are in distress because of their lifeless hair will bid adieu to their hair concerns post-treatment.
  • You can expect bouncy and shiny locks after this treatment which you can proudly flaunt without being conscious.

1.10  What our Patients have to say about us?

Our patients are hugely impressed with our treatment as they have received an impressive transformation post-treatment.

Due to our unparalleled services, we have become a reputed name and an ideal platform for hair transplant in Istanbul.

They believe in us because they know that we deliver them the quality service.

To date, there is no sign of any complaint from the patients’ end for our service.

They have even shared positive reviews about us and recommended our services to their known ones suffering from a similar problem.

For any doubt related to hair transplant treatment, don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be more than happy in assisting you!

All your queries will be answered straight away!

Why delay any longer?!

Book your appointment today from the leading service providers of hair transplant in Turkey to receive the best treatment.

1.11 FAQ

Is hair transplant in Istanbul safe?

If you choose the right clinic then it should be safe; however, if you go for the cheap and untrusted clinics you could be risking your health and final results.

How can I know the professional and best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul?

Reliable websites like and lists the best and most trustable hair transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Which techniques are used for hair transplant in Istanbul?

The latest hair transplant techniques are used in Istanbul such as the Micro FUE, DHI and Sapphire.

Is hair transplant in Istanbul more expensive than other cities in Turkey?

Prices are relatively the same in Turkey regardless of the city. However, hair transplant in Istanbul is the most popular and has more clinics.

How much will it cost me to do a hair transplant in Istanbul?

If you decide to do your hair transplant in Istanbul, you should expect to pay less than half the prices offered in the U.S, U.K and Europe. Depending on the services provided the estimated cost varies between 1950 and 3500 USD.

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