Better Food = Better Hair

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We all agree that food is one of the three primary essential needs for humans. In addition to air and water, a human existence without food is a definite impossibility. Throughout history, humans have been developing methodologies to make better food that reflects the health, strength and appearance human needs for a better quality of life. As for appearance, there is no doubt that our hair is a key ingredient that plays a major role in shaping one’s character. When you look at this key ingredient through “hair” from a physical angle, you will find that it’s an integral part of your body that gets affected by age, type and quality of foods we consume, and even goes in a life cycle similar to the rest of our body.

Hair life cycle!!

According to hair restoration experts, our hair changes every seven years- out of 150,000-200,000 hairs on our heads- we shed nearly 100 a day, in an average of 36,000 a year. As shocking this fact might sound at first glance as you are to calm down because our hair regenerates at an almost exact rate, yet little bit less each trimester. Experts also say that your head reaches its flourishing state of hair by the age of 15 before it starts declining from that point on. At 30 though, significant changes are not clear, yet by the age 37-40, changes are highlighted which announces the panic alarm.


What causes these changes?

The causes of these natural changes to your hair are always the same in all humans. Number one is stress, second is iron deficiency and third is hormonal which usually comes as a result to menopause.


What to do?

If you are asking this question right now while panicking at the huge amount of hair you are losing, this piece of advice is for you.“ TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY BY EATING WELL”.

Just like the rest of your body, hair responses to the state of health you have within your body. In a simple equation better food = healthier body = shiny elastic hair.

Accordingly, it is no wonder that few hair restoration experts have gone deeper into this fact by suggesting the consumption of foods in opposite state to that of our bodies. Expert Lucinda Ellery, the hair restoration expert says “If you have a way of finding out if your body is acidic, imbibe foods that would make it more alkaline: Fresh vegetables, fresh salads, fresh nutrients in our drinks and our foods. Avoid acid making foods like milk and dairy products, breads, and potatoes because they change the pH value of your body.”

For that, if you are wondering what foods to eat for a shiny elastic hair, the slide show below is just for you.


Rich in oil, nuts aid the stimulation of your hair growth, and helps provide the elastin your hair needs to resist hair loss. Without the sufficient amount of oil in your body, your hair may snap. However, remember that too much nuts might have a reversed result to your hair, so watch your intake carefully.



As we all know, one of the main causes of hair loss is iron deficiency. So if that is the cause behind your state of hair loss, do not wait and immediately head toward the closest market to pick some spinach. This flowering plant is rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s also rich in iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C – which aids the oil circulation in your scalp as well as strengthening your hair follicles.



For a better hair growth, magnesium is a key factor. A lack of this mineral though could lead to hair loss. To get the sufficient amount of magnesium, do not forget fish in your next meal.



Better Food,Better Hair

Besides being a sweet vegetable, carrots is rich in beta-carotene, which the body turns into Vitamin A. This vitamin contributes to your hair’s health by aiding the production of scalp sustaining oils.


Bok Choy

Rich in iron, Bok Choy is very beneficial at preventing hair loss caused by iron deficiency.

Greek Yogurt

Especially, low-fat versions which are rich in vitamins B5 and D – the two essential vitamins for hair health.


The vitamin D ingredient within eggs is very important to sustain your hair’s health. The whole mind of it though is something to remember in your next meal.


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