The best hair transplant Clinic in Turkey 2019

best hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

Avrupa Sac Ekimi – The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey for the years 2013 – 2019

Hair loss is something that thousands of men around the world are suffering from. Unfortunately, up until now, there are only a few successful treatments available that help to completely cover that unattractive baldness.

Luckily, there are many ways and remedies out there that go beyond frivolous solutions like wearing fake wigs or hats.

Opting for a hair transplant can be a great solution to get a natural looking hair on your head.

There may be a boom in hair transplant in Turkey over the last few years. But people opting for these procedures still have doubts and apprehension because of the lack of trust factor involved. However, with the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey at your service, worry not.

What makes us one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey?

Our experience in providing exceptional services of hair transplant is what makes a one-stop solution in this regard. We are not exaggerating when we deem ourselves as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Because there’s more than one persuasive reason that makes us your best approach for a perfect and flawless hair transplant.

1. Profound Experience

Our expertise and in-depth know-how of the procedure, have helped numerous clients in getting their confidence back.

With a good volume of hair on their head, our patients were able to pursue their lives normally and without any embarrassments.

So far we have performed over 20,000 successful hair transplant procedures with brilliant results and high satisfaction rates.

2. Happy Patients and Reviews

We have made a broad base of happy and satisfied clients during the past 15 years. We can assure you that we’ll be your best approach for your quest for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

We believe in maintaining a good and long-term relationship with our valuable clients. Hence, we are dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of every patient we handle.

Every patient is important to us, and we make sure that they get the best experience and result. You may find many reviews and documented stories from real patients about their experiences at our clinic on trusted websites like

3. Patient-Centered Care

During the course of our years of experience in hair transplant, we have been devoting ultimate care to our patients. At our clinic, we believe that every patient deserves special care and we respond to their special preferences.

Unlike some clinics that accept more than 20 patients per day, on average we perform only 2 surgeries on a daily basis. This is to attain top results and dedicate extra attention to each case. Because performing on more than 2 or 3 patients a day will definitely affect the quality of the end results.

4.  Supportive Care and Certified Hair Transplant Experts


Offering the highest level of care and support to every client is what our motive is. Our team of highly trained and qualified experts work hard to make every single client satisfied with their results.

You simply don’t need to worry about the end results. As the procedures are done by the best hair transplant doctors at our clinic.

5.  International and Local Recognition

The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is the one that is affiliated with international and local medical institutions. Our clinic is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Joint Commission International (JCI). It is also a member of the Turkish Medical Association.

Similarly, we have been rewarded tens of excellence prizes from French, German and Turkish agencies.

6. Transparency and Ethical Approach

At Avrupa Sac Ekimi clinic we pledged ourselves to follow an ethical approach when treating patients. We are very transparent when it comes to diagnosing each individual case. If a patient is not suitable to undergo hair transplant for any reason we speak with them very frankly. Because the wellbeing of people is a priority to us more than personal gains.

Also, if during the consultation we don’t see a necessity for hair transplant, we don’t insist or try to convince patients otherwise. After all, peoples’ lives is not something to risk.

Finally, getting in touch with Avrupa Sac Ekimi means trusting an expert of the industry. We would like to add you to our list of happy clients. By providing you with the finest hair transplant services at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.



  1. What should I know before selecting the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Ask about the years of experience, number of successful operations performed, before and after photos/videos, qualifications and the clinic’s reputation.

  1. Where can I find reviews about the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

You can easily find patients reviews on reliable websites such as

  1. Is Avrupa Sac Ekimi one of the top rated hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Definitely, our clinic has been selected multiple times as one of the 10 best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Click here for more details (

  1. Why are hair transplant clinics in turkey very popular?

Because it provides high-quality services, distinctive results for relatively reasonable prices and it has mastered the modern FUE techniques.

  1. What is the average cost at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

The average hair transplant cost in Turkey ranges between 1850 and 3000   USD.


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