Hair Loss Prevention

Alopecia cannot be prevented with a magic stick in one night and it’s not only associated with genetic causes but rather there are various potential causes which includes healthy balanced diet, some vitamins or minerals deficiency, using medications, stress and over thinking as well as wrong daily habits in hair care. However, hope still exists and you may follow some few measures to have a healthy strong hair.

  1. Keeping you hair clean minimizes the risk and possibility of ringworms.
  2. Avoid over styling and pulling your hair too tight.
  3. Avoid sharing hairbrushes and combs as well as other hair accessories. Also make sure to use a good hairbrush.
  4. Avoid hair pulling and twisting.
  5. Avoid wearing turbans too much as it can cause hair loss.
  6. After a bath let your hair dry normally and avoid excessive hair drying or you may use the hair dryer on low temperature. Also avoid hair damaging chemicals and dyes.
  7. Make sure to choose the suitable shampoo for your hair type

Healthy balanced diet

A simple approach to preventing hair loss and keeping a healthy scalp is eating a healthy diet full of good nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium.


Human body should have no less than 1.5 liters of water intake daily to stay hydrated and function properly.


We highly recommend you to support your healthy diet by committing to get in a better shape and practice some workouts.


We all pass through stressful times but excessive anxiety and overthinking has its negative impacts on our hair which can lead to baldness in severe cases. Thus, try as much as possible to find the reason behind your stress and work on solving it or you can even practices some relaxation and meditation sessions to relieve yourself.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Some types of chemotherapy treatments can cause hair loss due to the dosage, duration of treatment and some other factors. Radiotherapy can also have an effect in causing hair loss, it can make the hair fall in the treatment area but it should grow back in weeks or months after stopping the treatment. It is advised to wear a coolant helmet at the time of chemotherapy treatment to decrease blood flow to the hair follicles. However, we should bear in mind that it is not an effective method all the time.

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