Hair Transplant | Direct Sunlight

Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant

It is well known that a good amount of direct sun exposure has many benefits to the human body. Accordingly, dermatologists believe that long hours of direct sun exposure especially during peak times have many bad effects on the skin including skin cancer.

As for hair transplant patients, they usually ask whether there are any side effects associated with long-term sun exposure after the surgery.  

Avrupa Hair TransplantHair Transplant | Direct Sunlight
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Hair transplant results by timeline

Result Timeline

The following case illustrates the results of Hair Transplantation from A to Z.

The person in the picture suffers from baldness in the front of the head, causing him embarrassment and discomfort, which makes him appear to be older at least 8 years than his actual age. Finally hr decides to get rid of this problem drastically and to undergo a hair transplantation using Micro-FUE technique developed exclusively at Avrupa Sac Ekimi center

Avrupa Hair TransplantHair transplant results by timeline
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