Biotin for Hair Loss

Biotin for Hair Loss

There is no doubt that our hair as humans is one of the parts that draws attention to our beauty and reflects luxury.

Due to the significance of this integral part of the character,
hair loss is a devastating problem that threatens the throne of the beauty of almost half of humans around the world.

According to statistics, nearly 60% of men & 40% of women around the world experience genetic baldness by the age of 40.

Whereas it is a shocking number, the solution to this problem today has become easier than ever before.

Well, thanks to our scientists who leave no effort behind to make the dream of retrieving our beauty a reality.

Within the coming lines, we will talk about a supplement called Biotin.

What is Biotin?

A medical solutions that has been marked with effectiveness at tackling the problem of hair loss.

Talking about Biotin from a scientific angle, it is coenzyme also known as Vitamin H or B7.

It could be obtained from daily foods such as: eggs, spinach, salmon, nuts, dairy products, sweet potato etc.

Its main function is promoting metabolism so that fats and carbohydrates are burnt.

In addition to this significant function, Biotin has been associated with improving hair and nails health and simulating growth.

Using Biotin to Treat Hair Loss

Just like normal people, the idea of taking supplements for hair loss is usually unacceptable.

For most of them, the decision to take Biotin usually takes place after a series of unsuccessful attempts with other useless drugs.

One thing to remember is the fact that up until today, scientists could not develop a

drug that can bring hair back to bald areas.

As a protection however, Biotin has proved effectiveness as a precaution to prevent

or restrict the process of baldness by strengthening hair and promoting its growth.

Due to this significant function, most of hair products today contain Biotin as a key ingredient.

Biotin Daily Intake Recommendations

It is recommended to use biotin whenever you experience a normal hair loss or,
start noticing any signs of hair weakness like breakage.

For best results, you may take Biotin with other hair loss products.

For adults, the usual required dosage is 300 mcg a day
to ensure progress of the metabolic function, fresher hair and healthier nails.

Some doctors however may prescribe a 700-1000 mcg dosage, which is normal,

as there has been no side effects reported with different intakes.


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