4 Tips to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss

 Since it is one of the essential features that reflect the beauty and accentuate personality in the humankind,

it is natural that men and women always tend to spend some time in front of the mirror to comb and style their hair to make it look in the best possible way.

Markets today are full of products that aim to provide a better care for this integral part of our characters.

For those who are still enjoying their hair in its original state or at early stages of hair loss,

we are here today to tell them that an ounce of prevention is worth a ppound of cure.

Tips to Prevent Excessive hair loss

It’s important to know that it’s natural to shed around 100-150 hairs per day which is approved by scientists to be natural within the hair life cycle.

This naturally shed hair is always compensated as the scalp regrows it in the same manner.

What is unnatural however is when the average of lost hair exceeds the natural amount resulting into clearer patches of baldness.

To prevent this problem, scientist and experts have been insisting on the importance of following certain tips like the ones included below.

1- Dry your hair before styling

 Many people may not realize that our hair becomes at a bigger risk of breakage when it’s wet than dry.

As a prevention, it is always recommended not to style or comb your hair unless it’s fully or at least 50% dehydrated.
If you have no time to wait, you can use a hair dryer at a low degree or even pass your fingers through it to allow little air in.

2- Give your hair a rest

Just as your body gets tired of daily work, your hair as well needs a rest from daily styling and combing.
Scientists approve a two-week time to be effective at restoring hair’s health, and you are to minimize using hair dryer and straighteners as much as possible.

You may also surf the internet for more tips on how to dehydrate your hair based on its type and color.

3- Don’t use unapproved products

With the massive amounts of hair products and uncountable advertisements,

it might become difficult for a lot of us to identify the ones of good quality from fake.

What’s even worse is that products of unknown and unlicensed sources usually lead to serious problems including hair loss.

To protect your hair, remember to always do your research regarding best, trusted and approved products along with best ways to use them.

4- Consult an expert

Especially for those who have been suffering excessive hair loss for a long time, visiting a doctor is something essential to consider.

Despite the many other techniques and tips, it is a fact that nobody has the ability to diagnose your hair problems,

and guide you through solutions better than a hair expert.

Fortunately today, doctors and experts are not only to be met in person but could be consulted online as well.

Finally, remember that it is possible to prevent hair loss through following certain tips and techniques like the ones we have discussed earlier.

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