Beard Transplant in Turkey

We all agree that beard adds a lot to the character of a man and helps shape the individual’s style. For some reason, the beard may become thin or missing. That is why people have been looking for real solutions and so resulted in the increasing popularity of beard transplant all over the world especially with the continuous improvement and technological advancements in hair restoration procedures using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique.

Before and after Hair transplant:

The secret behind the popularity of beard transplant lies behind the fact that it guarantees the minimal invasive surgical procedure using local anaesthesia. Once the anaesthesia starts to numb the skin, the doctor starts extracting hair follicular units from the most baldness resistant area typically the back of the scalp, in order to transplant them in the beard.

Like Hair transplant, beard transplant procedure is painless, as is the recovery period. During the first five days after the procedure, tiny crusts appear around transplanted hair with slight redness in the donating area. One week later, patients get their natural look back.

What to do after FUE hair transplant:

  • Don not itch or rub the transplanted area.
  • Refrain from heavy exercises and weightlifting.
  • Follow doctor’s orders.
avrupasacekimiBeard Transplant in Turkey