Sobre nós

Sobre nós

Avrupa Saç Ekimi is considered the oldest hair transplant center in Turkey, where it has performed until 2016 not less than 17000 successful and distinct hair transplant operations, making it outperform other hair transplant centers in Turkey. Avrupa Saç Ekimi has also recently received tens of awards for excellence and high quality services.

From the very beginning of our journey in 2006, we have pledged to deliver the best medical services to our patients, bearing the goal of professionalism, integrity and honesty in what we do.

We aspire and we will continue to strive for perfection in everything we do under the principle of the best medical services at the best affordable prices.

We have set out to deliver the most experienced services in our renovated center. Our Medical Center aims to provide the best health services with the quality standards that you need with modern, easily accessible and affordable prices.
Medihaus Surgical Medical Center aims to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level with its service quality. Specialist doctors provide treatment services in many medical departments with qualified health and support staff, operating rooms and birth halls.

All employees within the Medihaus Surgical Medical Center serve patients and their relatives without discrimination on the basis of “Patient always first” principle, honesty and quality principles. The experienced and friendly staff of the Medihaus Surgical Medical Center knows that it is its duty to keep patients informed about all steps. 

Avrupa Saç Ekimi Mission Statement

At Avrupa Saç Ekimi we aspire to inspire our patients and customers with our state-of-the-art surgical hair restoration treatments. We are constantly keeping abreast of the latest hair transplantation advancements and techniques and we also ensure to improve ourselves through taking part in international conferences and scientific researches. Throughout our extensive experiences we have gained people’s trust as a reliable and trustworthy Hair Transplantation Center with high expertise across the globe.

Personalized Patient Care:

As a surgical and medical center Avrupa Saç Ekimi endeavours to deliver a personalized health care to its patients on an undifferentiated basis by maintaining medical and ethical values of integrity and high quality services. Our highly experienced medical staff make sure that they are available at any time for the sake of our valuable patients and promptly respond to any concern that may arise. 

Continuous Patient Follow up

We are with you all the time, from the day you contact us for medical consultation until the day you arrive and even after you leave to your homes. Our main priority is our patient’s comfort and satisfaction; thus we make sure all your needs are met. We feel honoured in gaining your trust by giving us the permission to transform your life and appearance professionally that is why we ensure to diligently follow-up with each and every patient throughout all the stages of the surgery.

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