Hair Transplant | Direct Sunlight

Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant

It is well known that a good amount of direct sun exposure has many benefits to the human body. Accordingly, dermatologists believe that long hours of direct sun exposure especially during peak times have many bad effects on the skin including skin cancer.

As for hair transplant patients, they usually ask whether there are any side effects associated with long-term sun exposure after the surgery.  

The answer to this question lies behind the clarification of hair specialists as they recommend patients to avoid direct sun during the first 2 months post to the surgery. During the first 2 weeks the newly transplanted hair follicles are on the settling phase, in which they try to fix and embed themselves on the scalp and any possible damage can cause them to incorrectly attach which affects their growth. The skin at this stage is not capable of protecting itself and might darken when exposed to too much sun.

As a protection, hair transplant specialists recommend wearing a loose hat that provides a full coverage of the transplanted area during this period. This of course does not mean that you should wear your hat even when getting out from your car to the grocery.


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