Male Hair transplant- significance of hair to men

If you are suffering hair loss-especially at an early age-, then you definitely have thought deeply of how this problem is affecting your life negatively. You might as well have tried in vain to make up for your dispossessed appearance by wearing some hats, or by fully cut your hair. If you are thinking about all of that now or asking what to do, bear in mind that the only solution to your problem that guarantees effectiveness is “Hair transplant procedure”.

Following, are five reasons that drive people to make that viable decision of undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

1-The fear of premature aging

We definitely have happened to come across some people of whom we think to be older than they really are, and vice versa. Thinking about that, the reason that makes these people look older than they really are is the premature aging, which includes hair loss as a main indicator. Therefore, people resort to hair transplant clinics in order to retrieve that well-kept hair which makes them retrieve their real looks.

2- The significance of hair in the daily life

Either at work or at home, your well-dressed hair is something of a great importance. Talking about its significance, your well-dressed hair is something that gives you an advantage if you are seeking a promotion or looking for a new job as a recent graduate.

3- The attractive appearance

There is no wonder that the attractive appearance is something that we all look for, and that it would not be complete without hair. Simply, whether you still a single who look for a partner or already married, your attractive appearance is something that gives you a better life. So if your life is influenced by baldness, you may be one of many men who consider retrieving their real looks by undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

4- The inferiority complex.

As they notice their natural look gradually disappear due to excessive hair fall, people usually start suffering a psychological state known as inferiority complex, which means the lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and the feeling of not meeting up to standards. This problem, which develops as a result of lacking self-worth when comparing oneself with others, usually leads to more serious ones such as depression. If caused by hair loss today, remember that you got a real solution in hair transplant procedure.

5- Lack of self-esteem

There is no doubt that the image you have in your mind now, reflects upon your performance today as well as your determination to achieve you future goals. A person who sees him/herself incompetent to perform a task or handle a particular work, will definitely lose even before the first attempt. On the contrary, a confident person of his abilities and personality is always the closest to meeting his/her dreams and ambitions. As for that, you might consider regaining your self-esteem through a hair transplant procedure so you can go back to the track of reaching your potentials and dreams.

Finally, you should remember that hair loss is a problem that could be caused by acquired or hereditary reasons. For the acquired ones, it could be a disease such as alopecia or another reason such as a burn or scar resulted from an accident. As for hereditary ones though, hair transplant is mainly caused by “genetic male/female pattern baldness”, which is a genetic state that is more common among men, and could be cured only through hair transplant procedure.

It is also important to remember that not everyone seeking a hair transplant treatment is a good candidate to undergo the procedure. To be a good candidate, one has to be in a perfect health condition, at an appropriate age and having a dense donor area.

In addition to the procedure, some people might need to use some certain drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride as these drugs have been approved to be effective in preventing hair loss to some extent.


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