Hair Transplant Procedure FAQ

If you are reading this right now, then you probably are one of hundreds of thousands of men and women around seeking more information related to hair transplant procedure. Being here, you will get the answers to few of the most common and important questions from which you will get to add more to your information bank of hair transplant.

– Is it painful?

In the past, hair transplant was known to be a dream that only the rich can obtain due to its high costs, and rarely did media provide information about it, the thing that drove the majority to panic and ask the most common question “is it painful?” As for them, the answer is quite simple “it is not”. With local anesthesia, a hair transplant patients experience no pain. Moreover, advancements within the cosmetic field have made it possible to extract hairs from the scalp with zero pain and zero scars.

– Are there any risks to expect?

Despite few minor side effects like slight bleeding and swellings, hair transplant procedure is a very safe procedure to undergo. Moreover, surgeons always investigate the patient’s condition prior to the surgery in order to eliminate all possibilities of any risk.

– To what degree the new-transplanted hair looks natural?

Simply, the new-transplanted hair looks completely natural because it is your natural hair being removed from a spot to another.

– How is hair transplant supposed to change my life?

As they get their natural look back, people usually feel the difference with the boost of confidence and satisfaction they feel from within themselves. Accordingly, they always feel better towards their family, friends and work, which results into better relationships and income.

– How long does it take to get the results?

One thing to know about hair transplant procedure is that it is a natural process that requires patience for its results to be obtained. In numbers, the average period of time that takes the transplanted hair to grow back naturally forever is within 8 months.


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