5 Significant Facts about Hair Transplant

5 Significant Facts

When discussing the problem of hair loss (baldness), we can look at it from two sides, one dark and the other is bright.

The dark side of this problem lies behind the cause leading to it, which is approved to be genetic on the first place.

As for the bright side, hair loss today is easier to be treated than ever before,

especially with the continual advancements in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Today, everyone is familiar with the term “hair transplant “which is a cosmetic procedure.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant indicates the removal of hair follicles from certain places of the scalp to the areas suffering hair loss.

For people undergoing this procedure, they are almost driven by the encouraging feedback they hear from previous patient,

about how hair transplant has changed their lives and granted them a natural hair that look exactly like the original.

Yet, even with their prior awareness of this fact, there are facts that hair transplant patients would only know after undergoing the procedure.

Following are five things that hair transplant patients can know only after they undergo the procedure:

1 – Hair Transplant Is a Pain Free Surgery

As they hear the word “surgery”, patients usually panic, because there comes to mind the other types of surgeries treating serious conditions and diseases.

Nevertheless, once they get their lost hair back under the effect of local anesthesia, patients usually cheer up.

They even show surprise at the zero pain accompanying the surgery and are pleased with the satisfactory results they achieved.

2 – Reaping Takes a Year

Driven by their excitement to see their new look, most of hair transplant patients expect their new hair to grow right after the procedure.

What they learn however is that for the results to be met, one should wait for minimally a year,

which is the time that the new hair needs to fully grow and settle.

3 – Age Is Nothing But a Number

There is no doubt that hair is a significant part of our face and overall

Once it starts falling however, we usually look older than we are.

As for those booking seats at hair transplant clinics In Turkey, they always know that age is just a number,

especially as they start feeling the positive power of others’ positive feedbacks and impressions.

4 – Restoring Your Hair Means More Confidence

Which is an impact felt only as the new transplanted hair is fully settled and grown.

The confidence you will always feel though is not merely a result of your new look,

but also of the satisfaction you will feel for retrieving your natural appearance.

Empowered by that satisfaction, bare certain that your confidence will be boosted to a new level.

4 – You Will Be Able To Recognize People With A Similar Experience

It’s natural that you will become more observant of others’ hair and be able notice others who had a similar procedure to yours.

Moreover, hair transplant patients usually can evaluate the quality of others’ procedure,

and can tell whether they got the whole thing set up accurately or not.

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