When is the Best Time to Start Working Out After Hair Transplant?

If you’re like many people who have had a hair transplant, you’re probably eager to go back to working out after hair transplant. But when is the right time to start your workout routine again? And what types of exercises are safe to do?

This blog post will answer those questions and provide some tips on how to get back into the gym safely after a hair transplant.

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Is it OK to work out after hair transplant?

Although it may be tempting to hit the gym and exercise after a hair transplant, it is best to wait until your scalp has fully healed. This includes avoiding any type of exercise even if it’s light for at least two weeks.

The reason for this is that strenuous activities can increase blood flow to the scalp, which can cause the transplanted hair follicles to become displaced. In addition, working out can also lead to sweating, which can irritate the surgical site and slow down the recovery process after a hair transplant.

What will happen if I exercise after hair transplant?

If you start working out after hair transplant and before the recommended period, you run the risk of having unfavorable results. And that’s because exercising can cause:

High Blood Pressure

An increased rate of blood pressure can increase the possibility of bleeding. Additionally, a high flow of blood pressure can prevent the grafts from taking root and dislodging them eventually.

Infections and Bacteria Build-Up

Working out after hair transplant can cause infections and bacteria to build up on the wounds due to sweating. Also, sweating will require frequent washing of the hair after a hair transplant which increases the chances of friction and rubbing the grafts.

Stretching and Scarring

In case of getting an FUT hair transplant, exercises such as sit-ups that stretch the neck can tear the stitches and prevent the wound from healing properly.

When can I start working out after hair transplant?

Generally, we recommend patients to wait two weeks before they can start doing some light workouts. However, 3 days after the surgery they can go for short walks that are not too exhausting.

If patients decide to go out for a walk, they need to take a rest every half an hour and stay hydrated by drinking not less than 2 liters of water daily.

What kind of exercises are allowed after hair transplant?

Two weeks after hair transplant patients can start doing some light exercises such as:

  • Cycling.
  • Walking on a treadmill.
  • Doing yoga.

On the other hand, all types of vigorous workouts that require more physical activity and strain the body can be resumed one month post hair transplant. These include:


How long to wait to work out after hair transplant?

Patients should wait at least 14 days before they go back to any physical activities. After two weeks patients can start doing some light workouts which don’t include any weight lifting or high-intensity sports. One month after a hair transplant, patients are free to go back to their normal exercise routine at the gym.

Can I lift weights after a hair transplant?

We recommend anyone who has recently had a hair transplant to wait for one month before resuming their normal workout routine including weight lifting.

Can you do pushups after hair transplant?

Pushups are a type of strength training that requires high resistance. Therefore, it’s better to avoid pushups for one month after a hair transplant.

Can I run after hair transplant?

Running can increase your blood pressure which may lead to bleeding. It can also prevent the transplanted hair to take root and dislocate them. Therefore, it’s best to avoid running for 2-3 weeks after a hair transplant.

Can you sweat after hair transplant?

Sweating after hair transplant, especially during the first two weeks will increase the risk of infections and bacteria will build up on the micro-wounds. Additionally, sweating will require you to wash more than once daily increasing the chances of touching the grafts.

why can’t you exercise after hair transplant?

The reason why you can’t work out after hair transplant is because physical activity can slow down the healing process. It also causes some complications such as infections, bleeding, and dislodging of the grafts.

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