5 Significant Facts about Hair Transplant

5 Significant Facts

When discussing the problem of hair loss (baldness), we can look at it from two sides, one dark and the other is bright.

The dark side of this problem lies behind the cause leading to it, which is approved to be genetic on the first place.

As for the bright side, hair loss today is easier to be treated than ever before,

especially with the continual advancements in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Avrupa Hair Transplant5 Significant Facts about Hair Transplant
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15 Common Questions Related to Hair Transplantation

15 Common Questions Related to Hair Transplantation

It is very important before undergoing any medical procedure to do the necessary research and

inquire about the questions you may have.

The same goes with hair transplant surgery which is also a common cosmetic procedure among people with baldness.

Therefore, in order to facilitate it for everyone and make information about hair transplant procedure more accessible.

We have prepared this article to answer the common questions anyone who is interested in hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey might have.

Avrupa Hair Transplant15 Common Questions Related to Hair Transplantation
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Hair Transplant | Direct Sunlight

Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant

It is well known that a good amount of direct sun exposure has many benefits to the human body. Accordingly, dermatologists believe that long hours of direct sun exposure especially during peak times have many bad effects on the skin including skin cancer.

As for hair transplant patients, they usually ask whether there are any side effects associated with long-term sun exposure after the surgery.  

Avrupa Hair TransplantHair Transplant | Direct Sunlight
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Male Hair transplant- significance of hair to men

If you are suffering hair loss-especially at an early age-, then you definitely have thought deeply of how this problem is affecting your life negatively. You might as well have tried in vain to make up for your dispossessed appearance by wearing some hats, or by fully cut your hair. If you are thinking about all of that now or asking what to do, bear in mind that the only solution to your problem that guarantees effectiveness is “Hair transplant procedure”.

Following, are five reasons that drive people to make that viable decision of undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

1-The fear of premature aging

Avrupa Hair TransplantMale Hair transplant- significance of hair to men
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Hair Transplant Procedure FAQ

If you are reading this right now, then you probably are one of hundreds of thousands of men and women around seeking more information related to hair transplant procedure. Being here, you will get the answers to few of the most common and important questions from which you will get to add more to your information bank of hair transplant.

– Is it painful?

Avrupa Hair TransplantHair Transplant Procedure FAQ
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Hair transplant results by timeline

Result Timeline

The following case illustrates the results of Hair Transplantation from A to Z.

The person in the picture suffers from baldness in the front of the head, causing him embarrassment and discomfort, which makes him appear to be older at least 8 years than his actual age. Finally hr decides to get rid of this problem drastically and to undergo a hair transplantation using Micro-FUE technique developed exclusively at Avrupa Sac Ekimi center

Avrupa Hair TransplantHair transplant results by timeline
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Why Hair Transplant?

With all the medical improvements and continuous technological advancement, Hair transplant procedure has proved to be the best solution to hair loss problems. As a result, the Micro-FUE technique emerged to be the most efficient application in this industry. However, this technique will not meet the expected results, unless a skilful experienced doctor carries the procedure.

Who is the best Doctor?

avrupasacekimiWhy Hair Transplant?
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